Howdy Dooderly do…..anybody want a waffle???

It is amazing isn’t it, how I can remember so many words from episodes of the Red Dwarf and Black Adder TV series but can’t remember what I had decided to start blogging today!!! I am tempted to hold MS totally responsible for this but age, also, definitely has something to do with it!!??  It seems many of my friends and family suffer with the same problem too, that definately  makes me feel better! 😊

I truly believe that our minds are like filing cabinets and once it’s full, our memories overspill onto the floor, get forgotten and you have to have a good dig around to find them again! Some, it seems, even  get lost forever (I think a cleaner may have picked them up and put them in the trash!!?? 🙂 🙂 HA HA!! Well thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!).

Anyway, I digress, I’m still not sure what I was going to write today, so I will go with whatever come to mind first! brace yourself, here goes……….

I must first, issue a warning here, (and I’m sure you will notice) I will, at times, tangent type!!!! I seem to have inherited this from my mum (god rest her)!   We used to get, well and truly,  into the throws of an in depth discussion, she would, without warning, swerve completely into another conversation! This takes some keeping up with I can tell you!! In fact it leaves you wondering if you had in fact, blanked out for a while and awoke in a different conversation altogether! You would then notice the little twinkle in her eye! She was a cheeky lil devil at times! So apologies in advance because I do have a tendency to do this while typing!!! 😀


I “finally” think my energy levels are returning to my new normal, which is “awesome” and my long suffering other half is relieve!  Not only had I been housebound again, I had turned into a stir crazy, menopausal, extremely fatigued, grouchy bitch (Bless him!! )!  No wonder he is going so grey!!

I think at this point I should start giving everyone names for use in this Blog!  That’s going to be kinda fun “chuckle chuckle”,  I will start with naming my other half Ferdinando! (see tangent typing already!!)

So ….

As things are improving, I met with a friend recently for a cuppa and a total bitch about MS and all its lovely symptoms! It seems we are on the same wave length in needing to find something, which is out of the house to occupy our  minds (we can both talk for England and this definitely needs an outlet!!).  For me, finding that my employer was unable to facilitate me currently in employment,  because of my “MS”, has left me with a large void to fill! I know that my energy levels need to be managed daily, hourly if I’m totally honest and it is hard to commit to many things anymore because of this

So even though……

I  have the dog at home to keep me company (which is totally awesome and she is such a poppet ), when I’m with good energy levels I am generally able to take her out in the car, to the nearest football pitch, throw the ball continuously  until she is suitably tired. This at this gets me out in the air!


I have also undertaken a Baking Challenge, (being intolerant to sooooo many things, wheat/Gluten and dairy being two of them, I have taken this challenge without using either!). So far so good! (You can follow my progress, if you wish, on my Facebook page “Snowflake Baker”?)  However,  just to give you an idea, here is my first attempt of icing and flower making…….



I am extremely excited about how this turned out as it’s no mean feat for me to achieve, thats for sure!  MS has a nasty habit of making things that were second nature, hard to master these days!

Just a couple of examples: trying to get to your brain to register the correct ingredients/ quantities and making sure its not lied to you (you are holding beetroot instead of the dairy free marg ,which weirdly, has somehow made its way, from the fridge, to your hands) or trying to get your poor vision, to focus on your numb fingers , to roll the icing flowers! This all causes, quite an amount of swearing I can tell you! 😀😀

And obviously ……

I have started this Blog too but all these things are house based!! We have decided to look for some crafty groupy as these will get us out, give us a good old chin wag, while creating something! It also means if we not up to going every week, because of fatigue levels, we are not spending a fortune on course costs!  Hopefully, whatever we find, will be during the day, as evenings are a no go!  We are both useless by then as the fatigue has completely got hold of us!!

I also have the disadvantage of dodgy close up vision (which is a left over symptom of optic neuritis), any small intricate stuff will be virtually impossible, after several mins of straining to see, I will get a blinding headache (which will then last for many days)!  Typing this Blog has the same effect so I use a speech to text system ( to write my words) and a text to speech one  to listen to the written words! I Would be totally lost without these!!

So will keep you posted as to which exciting little adventure we undertake!!

Some words to live by (these are the word that generally keep me out of trouble, obviously they don’t always work HA! HA! but they definitely help me to, manage my worse symptom – fatigue!)………

  • What is my energy level like today?
  • What can I realistically hope to achieve today?
  • Where can I build a rest and relaxation into my day?
  • What pleasurable thing can I do today?

Sticking by these four sentences, make so much difference to my life, in fact I wish I had use these when I was still well and working, I honestly think I would’ve been much less stressed!

Well, I think that’s it for now, not bad as I had no idea where to start! Have a great week!! I will be back again soon.

Take care

Lou AKA Talkie the Toaster!!!


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