Burn’s Night!!

As a child, I have always had an affinity with Scotland! This came about from our many family camping trips! For years, I wanted to go back as an adult and experience all the wonderful things I had discovered as a child!  Last year I got the chance to do that!

It was, however, a whistle stop tour, incorporating: Glencoe (Photography by Lou),FB_IMG_1440436174080

Eilean Donan Castle,


Urquhart Castle,


Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, Cruachan power station (Loch Awe),Loch Lomand and Belvenie whiskey distillery to name a few! Amazing and so totally breathtaking, the Scottish scenery is hard to beat that’s for sure and of course, it goes without saying, whiskey is one of the best tastes on this planet!

Although my other half did all the driving, you can imagine how exhausted I was after we’d accomplished this, it took me weeks to recover but I have to say it was so totally worth it! Would love to go again but spend more than a week, then we can stop and enjoy more of it!

On one of our many visits to Scotland as a child, I experienced, haggis tasting!! I absolutely loved it and still do!!!  In my late teens early 20s my first husband and I, would attend Burns night’s, in our local pub. I haven’t been to one of these for quite some time but had really wanted too! Thanks to the wonder of social media, I spotted one advertised in the next village. Probably against all rational thinking (because of my fatigue! but to be fair I had planned my day, with minimal energy dispersement, just to be uprooted by the roofers visit!!! They were, therefore in and out of the flat, in the loft and hammering at something on the roof for many hours without conclusion (so we still have water coming through the bedroom ceiling)  and I sadly missed my midday sleep spot!!!) I should of stayed home but we attended and it was just as awesome as I remembered it!

Today, however, I am totally useless!! Thank goodness I can still talk or this blog would not be written today! I have to say, that this is all I will be doing, apart for resting and again for quite a few days after I would imagine! Sadly this is how life is for me with MS and because I am a stubborn old goat, I know I’m going to suffer but I cannot let what I enjoy pass me by and life is not going to beat me (even if its now thrown me to the floor for a few days I will not let it ruin my life!!) Life is too damn short!!!!

Anyway I digress!! Let’s get back to the Burns Night, what a fantastic night! To be greeted by a Scotsman in his full regalia playing  Bagpipes, sent shivers down my spine! There is nothing more I love than the sound of Bagpipes! Very enchanting!  Once inside the pub and seated at our tables I was able (with help from the other half) to peruse the menus. Three choices of starter, main and desert all looking absolutely gorgeous!!  I had the chicken and leak soup as my starter, of course I had to have haggis for the main and finished with some mouthwatering shortbread, raspberries and clotted cream for pudding (theres goes sticking to my intolerance diet for a night)!

I was a child again, my excitement of listening to the Robert Burns poem, watching the haggis being piped in (and again listen to the bagpipes) was huge!! We of course, had a wee dram of whiskey to toast the haggis before the eating commenced! There were several poems recited throughout the evening and I can truly  say, that everyone that attended had a great time and what an “applause”  at the end!!! Outstanding!!

So within five months I have managed to achieve two things I have wanted to do for many years! Both Scotland related and that makes me a very happy bunny!!

So until the next time, here are my:

Positive thoughts for today:

  • My roof will get fixed
  • Although I’m exhausted today, it means I get the day listening to the adventures of Harry Bosch on Audible woo hoo!!
  • I can and will, have great cuddles with my dog!
  • Skype with my nephew (who is only 4 years younger than me)! More talking Ha Ha!!
  • At the end of the day my other half will come home from work,  we can catch up on the day (and of course have cuddles :))
  • Remember….. Life is a Sandwich!  Everyday is a new day, with  different fillings! Whatever they may turn out to be…….enjoy every second!!

Lou  xx


  1. Kerry · January 26, 2016

    I’m glad you are a stubborn goat, life is too damn short and you have accomplished so much already.
    You go stubborn goat🐐

    Liked by 1 person

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