Star Muddy


Inspirational…… a person or thing that motivates!

There are so many people that I would call inspirational, here are a few on my list:

  • Amelia Earhart – an American aviation pioneer, author and first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean!  – Always wanted to grow up and be just like her!
  • Nick Vujicic – A motivational speaker born with Phocomelia, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of all four limbs!  – Totally amazing man, love listening to him and proves you can do whatever you want regardless of what life throws at you!!
  • Sir Edmund Hillary – a New Zealand mountaineer, explorer and philanthropist. Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay, became the first climbers to reach the summit of mount Everest! – How can you imagine, the strength and determination it took to achieve this??!!!

Recently, more people are referring to me as inspirational! I feel:  shocked, emotional but also proud that they say this!!??  I  however, don’t see myself this way!!!   I, as so many others, am just trying to keep my head above water and fight my illness as hard as I can, to achieve the best possible quality of life ! But!!!  I think I maybe succeeding in my fight, for them to notice and  make this comment!!!

I have always been stubborn and I believe, this is the quality that keeps pushing me forward. If my battles and successes, give others the motivation to keep stepping forward, then that makes me one happy warrior!!

I am learning that inspirational doesn’t necessarily  mean big, it just means that someone or something, gives you extra momentum and sometimes turns on a light, for you to follow! I have also been given this recently!

As my life is changing and I am having to adapt to the new one, I am seeing and experiencing things very differently  but I never forget who I am or who I was before!!!

I have loved photography, even from the early age of 6. My dad gave me a camera, we went out taking pictures and then spent hours developing them. I am no expert but it’s something I have always had a passion for! Recently, I have allowed that to get buried with all the diagnosis chaos!!

One of the wonderful things about the internet and blogging in particular, is reading other blogs! One had caught my eye and given me, some inspirational momentum to get back to something I love – black and white photography! I had been reading this particular blog and loved the black and white pics that are posted, I find them more dramatic than the colour and they make my imagination work harder!!

So……. I picked up my camera, headed out into the big wide world!

Below are some of the results!!!  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them?

My crazy but wonderful dog!

Sepia Daffodils  and a tranquil, sparkly sea!!


Hope you all have a good week, keep that momentum going !! 🙂

I will be back soon!!







  1. Photography Journal Blog · February 28, 2016

    Those are some really nice photos, looks like a good week to me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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