Beach Therapy

In the past, a visit to the beach was considered to have great benefits  to health and Doctors would prescribe it! I really think they had something there!!

There is nothing better than a visit to the beach to provide a sense of calm, relaxation and blow away the cobwebs in your mind!

I love to feel the sun on my skin, it gives me an almost automatic energy boost and fills my body with a sense of renewal! I don’t necessarily mean the sun at a super hot temperature just warm enough to feel it through my clothes and banish the winter blues!

However, where the beach is concerned, I love to visit all year round! The wet, cold and almost bleak feeling from standing on a deserted beach in the middle of winter is very exhilarating! Once you are home, warm and dry again it leaves you feeling tingly, yet weirdly accomplished!!

Our visit to the beach at the weekend was quite early, the best time in my opinion as its quiet. Well there was a lack of humans is what I really mean!!!

The tumble of the waves against the shore, the sound of the birds, the squeak of our dog wanting the ball thrown again and the crunching of the beach as she runs are the actual reality of these wonderful beach sounds!!


I love just to sit and listen to the sound of the waves (whether they are gentle or fierce!! ), watch the sunlight dance like diamonds on the water and breath in the smell of the ocean!!


The sea mist took a little while to clear but watching it roll away, to expose the distance edges of the bay, was like observing an enchanted spell clearing and the world awakening!


Overall the best natural therapy ever!!  I highly recommend it!!

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