Approaching 50!

It’s only a matter of days now, until I reach the big FIVE ZERO!!!

People ask me, “how do you feel about reaching 50”!?

It’s funny, how time and experiences, change your perspective and feelings about life!

When you’re 21, your whole life is stretching out ahead of you, you don’t think about how much time you’ve got left, what could happened to you, family or friends! At this point everyone seems immortal!!

When I was approaching 30, I was asked, “how do you feel about becoming 30”? For me, it wasn’t  much of a big deal!!  I was still enjoying life, there was  so much going on, my daughter was growing up, I had plenty of things occupying my life and I didn’t stop to think about what could be ahead!

When I was approaching 40, I was asked, ‘how do you feel about becoming 40’? Again it wasn’t a big deal, I always said; turning 50 will be the big one that scares/ worries me!  At this point in life, you start noticing how fast time passes and how quickly your life is disappearing!

Well here I am, fast approaching 50!

How do I feel about becoming 50?

 I’m fully aware, that time is flying past me!! My daughter is now in her mid 20’s, both my parents are no longer here, I have many grey hairs and am now a member of the WI (which is awesome), but strangely all I can think about is…….. I’m alive!!! I’ve made it to half a century!!!!! and that’s fantastic!!!!

I actually feel privileged to have reached this age, I have seen many people not make it to their 20s 30s or 40s!!

The last 18 months of my life has seen some drastic changes.  With my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, nothing is as it was and  will never be again! I truly believe that, although my daily life is a struggle, I have had plenty of time to reflect on life and realise that its far from over!! Everyday is a new adventure and waking up each morning, to live/experience it, good or bad is something to embrace!

So………bring on 50 and lets live it the fullest I can!!!





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